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Save Time & Make More Money Faster and Easier With Your Very Own Internet Traffic Business! …Make Up to $194 Per Member on the Front End Alone and Add 1,000s to Your Opt-in List Automatically!

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  • Complete Internet Marketing Turnkey Business That YOU Own
  • You Choose Which Options You Want, Then WE Set It Up For You
  • PROVEN Results of 67,184 Members
  • Your Website Is One-of-a-Kind Because Our Team Customizes It By Hand For YOU
  • Your Traffic Business Is a REAL Membership Site, with Over 15 Full Pages Inside
  • It Generates Sales, Recurring Income, AND Builds Your List, Automatically
  • Your Customers Get PROVEN Traffic (19.5% Click-Thrus, 29.17% Conversions)
  • Unique, Cutting-Edge Traffic Generating Engine Unlike Anything Else Available
  • You’ll Have Affiliates Lining Up To Promote for YOU


What a My Traffic Business 1 owner had to say…

“Get a PROVEN, Ready-Made Internet TRAFFIC Business-In-a-Box and Earn a Full-Time Income online, Have an Army of Affiliates Promoting it For YOU, and Quit Your Dreaded 9-to-5 Day Job Forever!”


What a My Traffic Business 1 owner had to say…

Dear Marketer, Are you looking for the fastest and easiest way to make some serious cash online? Imagine if you could have a ready-to-go business that’s already PROVEN to generateLife changing passive recurring income, AND over 67,184 new subscribers…all on autopilot… a business that can be up and running in just a few quick & easy steps and will generate profit for you FOREVER on nearly 100% autopilot! It will be the LAST product you ever need to invest in

Now You Can Offer the #1 Thing EVERYONE Online     Needs and Pays a Fortune For…Web TRAFFIC!

People spend $1,000,000s per year paying for internet traffic–from Google Adwords and Pay-per-Click, to banner ads and solo emails, to social networking and Web 2.0 ad spots–and the money being spent is INCREASING… As more people flock to the Internet to try and make money online, the ones making the REAL money own the web traffic. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates $6.4 Billion was spent on Internet advertising in just the 3rd quarter of 2010! Just LOOK at how fast revenue is increasing for those who own the website traffic:

internet traffic
(Shows growth in Internet advertising revenues)

If you grabbed just .0001% of it you would pocket over $20,000 per year! Do you think with the massive number of traffic-hungry people on the Internet and the growing fortune spent on web traffic there’s some money to be made? You bet there is, and here’s the PROOF… These are screenshots of 3 sites using My Traffic Business technology…

web traffic

That’s over 67,000 Members who ALL need website traffic…the demand for this is HUGE! But this isn’t just about building your list or getting members–this is about stuffing cash in your pocket!

What a My Traffic Business 1 owner had to say…

That’s Amazing…BUT I Don’t Know Anything About Generating Web Traffic or How To Start an Online Business…

I’m sure you’ve had some great ideas for an online business before, but maybe you got hung up on all the technical details or had questions about how to set up stuff. Well, you can stop worrying about the technical side entirely of traffic generation and website design, and still be able to set up your own website traffic business in an afternoon.

You don’t need to know anything about:

  • Traffic generation
  • Website design
  • Copywriting
  • Product creation
  • Programming
  • HTML or FTP

internet traffic

With My Traffic Business 2.0, WE do 99% of the work for you…You get a complete, top quality, unique internet traffic membership site with everything you need to start making money right now…

  • Your very own unique traffic generating membership site WE set up for you!
  • Custom graphics, videos, sales pages, and more to make your site one of a kind!
  • Our designers actually customize your site by hand – no cheesy low budget templates here!
  • Choose one of 25 ultra sharp graphic themes, then we tailor it to your site!
  • Choose one of 3 professional promo videos that we add to your site to make it look like $1,000,000 and explode your signups and sales
  • Choose a set of 8 killer sales letters that are already optimized to achieve as high as 34% signup rate and 9% One Time Offer sales rate
  • Your site includes professionally written homepage, One Time Offer, Upsell, and 2 Downsell pages, PLUS all other site pages (Member Area, Promo Tools, Profile, etc)
  • Backbone of your new site is breakthrough traffic generating engine that delivers traffic PROVEN to get 19.5% click-thru and 29.17% conversions
  • Your new site can be up and running and making YOU money within 24 hours or less!
  • No technical skills required – We do ALL the setup for you!
  • Full video training included where you learn everything you need to know about running your site–we’ll show you how to get your site making you money fast
  • Finally have your OWN high quality product that OTHERS can promote for YOU and that YOU own!
  • Skyrocket affiliate earnings by offering free traffic as a bonus for buying through your link (I’ve added $1,000s this year from that alone)!
  • Market a product that’s so valuable you’ll have testimonials pouring in from your customers THANKING you for providing it!
  • Fully featured membership site with multiple upsells and income streams and a complete Members Area!
  • Complete backend sales process built in to crank out maximum sales even weeks or months after members join!

My Traffic Business 2.0 is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to finally earn decent money online with their own Internet business….and you don’t even have to know a thing about web traffic or Internet marketing. All you need to do is pick a website name and choose the options you want, and WE go to work to set up your very own unique site that will be ready to start making you money in a day or less! Now there’s nothing standing in your way of setting up and earning faster with your own business when you take advantage of our simple and affordable My Traffic Business 2.0 instant web traffic business solution. You have NO excuse.

My Traffic Business 2.0 Is a Traffic Selling Cash Machine In A Box Where 99% Of The Work Is Done For You – Simply Plug-In And Profit Forever!

See what you get in this $28,500 value business package…

Here’s your chance to catapult from wherever you are with your online business to instantly become a player with your own set & forget business website that sells high quality internet traffic, grows a huge subscriber base, attracts affiliates and forces money straight into your bank account!

All the hard work is done for you.

All you have to do is choose your website name, pick the options you want your site to have, and then we set it up FOR YOU on your domain and hosting account…and YOU watch the sales and new members come streaming in. Here’s what you get with your instant “My Traffic Business 2.0″

  • Your very own REAL Custom Traffic Generating Membership Site with built-in payment processing, affiliate management, member management, autoresponder, and traffic generating engine
  • 8 Professionally Written Web Pages (Homepage, 4 One Time Offer Pages, and 3 Upsell Offer Pages) all tested and PROVEN to convert
  • Professionally designed Members Area, Affiliate Promo Tools, Contest Page
  • Eye Popping Website Graphics created by an expert designer and hand-edited to match your site
  • Blazing Hot Promo Video created by an expert designer and added to your homepage to explode conversions
  • Your New Site Completely Installed and Configured for You–when we hand it off to you you’re ready to start adding members and pocketing cash
  • Cutting edge, unique traffic generating engine that provides members high quality, targeted traffic PROVEN to Achieve 19.5% Click-Thru and 29.17% Conversions
  • Complete Followup Marketing Sequence with optimzed offers and email messages, plus unique, timed “offer buttons” to maximize backend sales and keep cash flowing in from members even months after they join
  • Fully Customizable Traffic, Member Level, and Price Settings that are pre-set at optimized defaults but can be changed with a single click or two
  • My Traffic Business 2.0 Owners Manual video series that shows you everything you need to know to run your viral marketing site and make big money

“Yes, I Want To Plug-In My Traffic Business Now!”


What a My Traffic Business 1 owner had to say…

Are you starting to see the massive potential with having a ready-made business you can call your own? Let’s get right into the specifics of what’s in your new Internet Traffic Business!

Here’s What Your New Website Traffic Business Looks Like!

You get all the professionally made pieces that make up your complete internet traffic business when you secure your package today. You get everything you need to start selling internet traffic in one afternoon after you order your new web traffic business in a box. Once we set it up on your website, you keep 100% of the sales for every sale you make and 100% of the customers. Take a look in more detail at exactly what you get…


A Full-Featured Membership Website with Integrated Traffic Generator that handles signups, one time offers, payment processing, affiliate tracking and reporting, and more – A $3,000 Value!

This is no simple slapped-together page posing as your own “site.” You get a FULL membership site that has over 15 full pages and a complete selling process built in! It also handles payment processing through Paypal or any merchant account, has a built-in affiliate program complete with tracking stats, and even has integrated contests you can run and special offers that appear to members for a limited time that YOU can set! Take a look at this awesome site flow, that’s predesigned and tested to maximize signups + sales for you… web traffic

“This Is Exactly What I Want… Let Me Own This Web Traffic Business Now!”

Choose One of 25 Professional Themes then We Hand Customize it for Your New Site – A $500 Value!

We paid a professional graphic designer to make these themes just for us – you just pick the one you want and we go to work to customize it for your new traffic site! Here are a few samples: (Of course for your site they will have a different title)

viral marketing

These graphic themes are HOT and they all look super sharp with top notch graphics and all the fine details you expect when you hire a top quality designer…

Start Selling Website Traffic From Your Own Ready-Made Business!

Choose One of 3 Sets of Professionally Written, Tested, Optimized, and PROVEN Site Pages – Each Set Includes 8 Full Pages Including Homepage, One Time Offer Pages, and Upsell Pages – A $15,000 Value!

Check out these sample pages–here are just 3 pages from 1 set to show you how professional and high-converting they are. You can choose from 3 different sets of pages and each one has 8 FULL pages that will be personalized as your own, included in your new traffic site, and automatically integrated–you don’t have to do ANYTHING but choose your set!

internet marketing

(The image has been shortened to fit on this page. The actual pages are much longer. You can always edit the pages after your site is set up if you like, but the sales letter copy on these pages is already tested and proven to convert so you don’t need to fiddle with that if you don’t want – it sells like crazy as it is! If you want to get really fancy, you can add some bonuses that compliment the main offer as incentives for your customers to join or buy if you like also. We made it perfect so you don’t have to touch it. No more hours banging at your keyboard trying to get a nice looking sales page for your offer. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t need to.

Choose One of 3 Professionally Produced Promo Videos for Your Homepage to Explode Conversions – A $500 Value!

We paid a video pro big bucks to produce a few awesome videos that draw in visitors, get their attention, and almost “force” them to join your site! Here is a sample:

Easy-to-Use Admin Interface Gives You Complete Control Over Your Traffic Site With NO Programming or HTML Skills Needed!

There’s not much you need to do to run your traffic site because almost everything is automated. But you still get full control over every aspect of it in a simple, clear, menu-driven interface. And if you’re an advanced user, you can even go crazy by customizing nearly EVERYTHING in your new site

Killer Combination of Autoresponder Emails and Member Area Timed Buttons Go Out to ALL Members at Specific Time Intervals After They Join to Create a Continuous Flow of New Sales from Existing Members

Prewritten, tested emails are automatically sent out on a schedule (2 days after signup, 5 days, 8 days, etc.) to all members and are tailored by member level so everyone gets targeted messages. They mention a special offer and tell members a special timed button will appear in the Members Area on login for them and be visible for a limited time only so they need to act now. This backend system will make you a TON of extra sales! web traffic

Complete Set of Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos That Take You Through Everything You Need to Know About Running Your New Site

Whether you are a total newbie with no experience or a seasoned pro, your video Owner’s Manual will guide you through your My Traffic Business site. These videos were made to be easy to follow and walk you through your new site with screenshots and details. You can learn the basics or take it to the next level with advanced customization ideas. Your Owner’s Manual will ensure you get the most out of your site!
Owner Manual Image

We Setup and Configure Your New Site on Your Domain, and We Integrate the Graphics You Want, the Sales Pages You Want, the Video You Want, Then Hand You Your New, Up and Running Traffic Business!

After checkout, you get access to the My Traffic Business Customization Center and you just preview the graphics, sales pages, and videos. Then choose the ones you want, tell us your domain and site name, and we go to work to set it up. We’ll even show you how to get your own domain and site name in just minutes if you don’t have one already!
Install Done Image

“You Have Me Sold! Let Me Plug-In My Web Traffic Business Now!”


What a My Traffic Business 1 owner had to say…

You’ll Have Tons Of Hungry Web Traffic Buyers!

Google shows over 1,000,000 searches per MONTH for just the first few traffic keywords alone…not including all the other keywords used to find internet traffic or any of the other search engines! How many of those 1,000,000 clicks and potential customers do YOU want?

Searches Image

Own An Instant Internet Mega Hit!

You can have this instant mega hit to burst onto the Internet marketing scene or add an extra passive income stream to your current business. It’s all there ready and waiting for you on a silver platter. This is far from your typical lame internet traffic that takes hours of effort to generate even a drip or converts so poorly you’d do better shouting from a street corner… For one, the web traffic flat out CONVERTS. The cutting-edge website traffic generating technology in your new site delivers targeted traffic with a super cool look and a ‘click now’ urgency countdown timer so your customers WILL get results with it. Plus, this technology has never been seen before so it’s fresh and unique. Do you think your customers might want web traffic like THAT? For two, your customers can get the internet traffic FREE! Your list will explode when your prospects see what they can get just by signing up FREE! For three, the sales letters are smoking hot! Once they join, your new members will see some flat out amazing offers that are simply too good to resist. The sales pages are professional and present upgrade offers so valuable your customers will gobble them up and put more money in your pocket…pure profit from FREE signups! In other words…

You Will Make Money.

You will have a unique business that you can rely on to make you money for years to come without the need for a lot of work or maintenance on your part! It’s truly a set and forget Internet money machine! Everything you need to start making sales is all in this complete package. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you…

  • Are a busy marketer who wants an extra profit stream fast
  • Want to start your first real Internet marketing business
  • Don’t want to spend a fortune creating a product, copywriting, setting up a website
  • Want a truly set & forget business for passive income
  • Want to make sales on auto-pilot, even while you sleep
  • Want to have a quality product with your name on it
  • Dream of having a team of affiliates selling your product for you


What a My Traffic Business 1 owner had to say…

Let’s review what you’re getting today     with your new Internet Traffic Business…

My Traffic Business Component Value
Complete Traffic-Generating Membership Site with Over 15 Pages Including Breakthrough Traffic Generating Engine and Fully Featured Members Area $5,000
Professional, Custom Graphics Hand Edited to Match Your Site Choose One of 25 Awesome Themes and We Will Customize It to Your New Site By Hand $500
Professional Homepage and Multiple Upsell Pages Tested and Proven to Convert as High as 34% Signups and 9.5% Sales You Get 8 Full, Professional Quality Copywritten Website Pages That Have Been Tested and PROVEN to Get Great Results $15,000
Pro Quality Video on Homepage to Explode Conversions Choose One of Three Pro Videos And We Will Integrate It Right On Your Homepage to Explode Signups and Sales $500
Versatile, Menu-Driven Admin Panel Running Your Site, Checking Key Stats, Editing Pages, Changing Prices, Running Contests, and Creating Special Offers Is a Snap with This Easy-to-Use Admin Interface! $500
Complete Backend Follow-Up Selling System That Makes New Sales for You Weeks or Even Months After Members Join, Automatically Multiple Followup Offers Are Sent to Members Automatically On a Specific Timed Schedule to Keep Making YOU Money From Your Existing Members Month After Month! $5,000
My Traffic Business 2.0 Owner’s Manual Complete Set of Tutorial Videos Shows You Exactly How to Run Your New Traffic Business In Simple, Easy-to-Follow Videos. And If You’re Advanced and Want to Customize Stuff Even More We Cover That Too! $1,000
Fully Installed and Configured For You We Install the Site On Your Domain, Configure the Software, Customize the Graphics, Add the Video, and Set Up Your Salespages So You Are Ready to Make Money! $1,000
Total Value………………………………………. $28,500

We’ve spared no expense in making this plug in business the easiest, fastest, and most profitable internet marketing business you will find online. If you were to have all the different components made for you from scratch, it would cost you $28,500. And that’s not including planning or development time. Not everyone has $28k just lying around to start an online business, but in real world dollars that’s what it would cost you to start from the ground up. But we want to make this as affordable as possible for you.

We’ve paid BIG money to create this, so you don’t have to…

We designed My Traffic Business 2.0 to be simple, fast, and effective to help YOU make money. And we did it because we KNOW it works. We see so many people struggling or getting duped into buying stuff that will never make them a dime, and we want to change all that. We want you to know that if you’re serious about making money online and not just chasing “get rich quick” gimmicks, you CAN make it. And My Traffic Business 2.0 can be the lightning rod you’re looking for to either get you started or get you over the hump and finally start putting some money in your pocket instead of just spending it. But it can only do that for you if you’re serious and you take action NOW, because this My Traffic Business 2.0 offer is limited to a select few fast movers who know to jump on a good deal when they see one.

Only 1,000 Available, And Then This Offer Is Gone…

This offer could disappear at any time and without notice because as soon as 1,000 website traffic businesses are sold, I have no other choice but to take down this page. The buzz is huge and places are filling up fast so if you hesitate you could easily miss out and be left wondering “what if…” So, it’s important that you act now and lock in your position so you can start up your new money machine today and start making serious coin in very little time… And it won’t cost you anywhere near $28,500!

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee Try My Traffic Business 2.0 for a full 30 days. Use, get to know, and promote your new site. If you don’t believe it’s worth 10 TIMES your investment any time between today and 30 days from now just submit a ticket at our support desk and we’ll refund 100% of your money. You build your list and make money or you don’t pay!
We’ll even back My Traffic Business 2.0 with our FULL 30 day money back guarantee! If it isn’t everything you hoped for and more–if you don’t think it’s worth 10 TIMES what you invested, we will refund your money. We’re taking ALL the risk to make this so simple and so easy for you because we want YOU to finally start making some money online.

Finally, Have The Online Business You Always Dreamed Of Without The Big Expense!

Are you ready to start your own highly automated Internet business and become the next wealthy web traffic tycoon without needing to ask your bank manager for a loan? This is your chance to finally break-through and start earning online! There is huge potential in having your own online business such as this…it can rapidly take you closer to quitting your day job! Don’t waste any more more time doing things the hard way only to get nowhere fast…and don’t fork out half your life savings to start your own real online business. You’re less than 1 minute away from getting started with your very own traffic business so you can finally start your new business and your new life. Get our ready-made business, plug it in and have an instant Internet mega-hit with your name on it working for you on auto-pilot 24/7!

Start Your Traffic Business Today! (Only Action Takers Are Rewarded In This World, Not Dreamers)
Place Your Order Now…

“YES! I Want To Lock In My Position In This Incredible Limited Offer To Own A Unique Plug-In Web Traffic Business Worth $28,500!”

I Know My Traffic Business 2.0 Includes All This:

My Traffic Business 2.0 Component Value
Complete Traffic-Generating Membership Site with Over 15 Pages and Full Members Area $5,000
Professional, Custom Graphics Hand Edited to Match My Site $500
Professional Homepage and Multiple Upsell Pages Tested and Proven to Convert as High as 34% Signups and 9.5% Sales $15,000
Pro Quality Video on My Homepage to Explode Conversions $500
Versatile, Menu-Driven Admin Panel $500
Complete Backend Follow-Up Selling System That Makes New Sales for Me Weeks or Even Months After Members Join, Automatically $5,000
My Traffic Business 2.0 Owner’s Manual $1,000
Fully Installed and Configured For Me $1,000
Total Value………………………………………. $28,500

“I understand that my purchase is 100% Guaranteed for 30 days, but I must act now because limited business packages will ever be sold…and I don’t want to miss out!”

Secure Your Position Now, and Get Everything for Just $297!
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Or Use Paypal

Your Partner in Success,
–Corey Lewis

P.S. – Making money online from scratch or adding another income stream to your existing business has never been easier because 99% of the hard work has been done for you! Order now and plug in your ready-made internet Traffic Business while you can. Spots are running out!


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